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Indiadox Solutions Inc is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with its registered offices in India. The company has produced exhaustive enterprise level and utility based solutions in a wide array of technology like .Net, Open Source, iPhone, Android etc. In its history of one year, Indiadox has earned notable associations from technology leaders like Microsoft, NASSCOM, Amazon Web Services, Acquia, STPI, D&B etc.

Over the period we have developed websites, mobile apps and custom software solutions in domains of hospitality, healthcare, media & entertainment, education, manufacturing, online retail, telecom, lifestyle industry and other service establishments. Having served 1000 clients of Fortune 300 companies, we have gained colossal popularity as a leading service provider in the industry.

Recent Developments

In 2015, we served around 3 businesses in UK and 4 in USA serving advanced IT solutions for big data, start-up consultancy services, BI solutions and enterprise applications development.

In the year 2016, with our full-fledged presence in UK we managed to deliver around 60% of our client queries with their turn-key projects till the end of second quarter. We provided them with IT consulting, business feasibility analysis (in some cases), custom product (web, mobile and software) development, collaterals and digital promotions. The scope of services includes an on-site support and maintenance and remote assistance as well.


The Future

Our 7 years of experience in the domain helps us understand the need-of-the-hour better. This understanding drives us to a better future with every minute ticking. We believe we will be taking off major businesses from their flagship positions, with the products we are eyeing today. Most of our teams have already worked on patent-pending products - concepts that are in news for their first-time ever unique attributes.

With our presence in UK registering good hold, we are planning to expand our business in full capacity, to other parts of Europe in near future. Business Intelligence is in our mind and we are really serious on building enterprise solutions that draws a bigger picture of organizational functions, system resources and industry at large.

With every intention of creating more value through technology excellence, we want IT innovation to take front seat - reinforcing our expertise in mobile and web development technology to the fullest. We want to help our clients with most advanced solutions by leveraging on our research skills and our comprehensive approach towards futuristic solutions.


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